HTC: Customers Prefer Thin Smartphones Over Better Battery Life

HTC phones are known for their poor battery life, and it looks like the company just got a valid excuse to use lower capacity batteries in its handsets. According to a survey done by HTC, customers prefer a slimmer phone compared to those which had a beefy battery but were bulkier. HTC Vice president of product strategy, Bjorn Kilburn, says that due to this the company shelved its plan of releasing phones with 3000mAh+ batteries.

I am not really sure what kind of people HTC surveyed, but I can vouch for nearly every Android handset owner out there that they will prefer a thicker phone with better battery life compared to a slim phone that barely lasts a day. Kilburn did state though that this does not mean HTC is not trying to improve the battery life of its handsets. He stated that the One X is the first phone from the company to pack in such a big battery inside a 9mm body, so as to make sure the device lasts through a day of moderate use.

Time to stop dreaming about a HTC One X with a bigger internal battery then!

Via – The Verge

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