HTC Working on a 16 MP Windows Phone 7 Device?

Just when we thought that the megapixel wars were finally over, and that the manufacturers would now focus less on the megapixel count and more on the overall picture quality, HTC seems to be getting back to bumping up the megapixel counts on its phones.

A new leaked ad suggests that HTC is working on a 16 MP camera phone powered by Windows Phone 7. The current camera megapixel standard seems to be be 8 MP, with most new high end smartphones featuring 8 MP cameras. Nokia’s N8, which currently offers the best camera in smartphones, has a megapixel count of 12. The Altek Leo, a relatively unknown phone, has a 14 MP camera. A 16 MP camera would beat all the existing devices, at least in terms of image capture resolution.

The HTC device in the ad, which looks very similar to the HTC Desire S, will have a dual LED flash, and likely autofocus. No other details about the new device have been revealed yet. I hope that the HTC device doesn’t just top the current generation of phones in terms of megapixels, but also in terms of overall image capture quality.

For more details about the 16 MP HTC WP7 smartphone, head over to Pocketnow.

Here’s the leaked ad.

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