How to Run Deb Files on Android

Android is one of the most powerful OS available today. We can even run debian applications on Android. To do so, ghostwalker at androidfanatic has made a custom Debian Shell for Android. The process is quite easy and it helps you to boot into a Debian shell which expands your reach to many new softwares. Just follow the steps below :

  • You need to download a modded firmware update if you are using G1. Get it here.
  • save the file on the SDcard
  • Boot into recovery mode (home+power) then press alt+s to apply changes
  • Download the installer for Debian Shell here.
  • unzip the file and copy the folder debian to SDcard’s root.
  • Go to /sdcard/debian through the terminal
  • Type su
  • Type chmod 4755 *
  • run the installer by typing
  • Type bootdeb to mount and boot the debian system.

That’s it. This little mod is all it takes to run deb files on your Android.

Note: This mod does not in any way change your phone’s OS or harms it in any way.

6 thoughts on “How to Run Deb Files on Android”

  1. Hi, thanks for the info :)

    I am having one problem though… android doesn't seem to recognise "su" so i cant get the permissions to move onto the next step :/. Did you use a specific terminal app which includes this? or got a way round it? Thanks in advance for any help :)

  2. Hey,
    The link for the debian shell has expired. Can you post a new one please? I REALLY WANT to install debian games on my Android. If I have Android Gingerbread do I have to follow the same steps?? Thnx in advance

  3. Saul,the link you gave us has expired,either.Who can give me an avaliable link.I want to install debian apps on my android VERY MUCH.Thanks

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