How To Root HTC EVO 4G on Sprint

HTC EVO 4G was just released earlier today and barring for the 4G network itself the phone is pretty decent and has a pretty good specifications. However, thanks to the network and the OS you might not get to do things and may be restricted from install apps and more.


Rooting your device is one of the things that will liberate the phone and give you the privilege of installing anything and everything you want.

However, thanks to the famed developers at XDA you can now root your HTC EVO 4G and run any app on it. Though, the rooting process in itself is not easy, you will find the instructions to root the HTC EVO 4G pretty straightforward, and nothing bad should go wrong if you follow all of them to the core.

Interested to root your HTC EVO 4G? Head over to this XDA thread and follow the instructions given there. Oh and there might be a chance that you could get the build running on an HTC EVO 4G too.

Please note: Rooting your device might void your device or brick it. We do not take any responsibilities if anything bad happens with your phone.

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