Hack Nokia N900 And Win Nokia N900

Nokia for once is trying really hard to gain its lost glory in this mobile market. After launching Nokia N900 at the Nokia world 09, Nokia has come up with a super cool contest for developers and a chance to win Nokia N900


Nokia says It’s a unique project from Nokia. And we’re looking for help from the world’s most skilled designers, artists, hackers and modders.

A panel of expert judges will pick the most impressive ideas. We’ll support you to create them and then take the final creations on a world tour.

No doubt Nokia N900 is very lucrative device, but now even MORE. Image the hackers, modders and artist creating wonderful apps for your device. Well, few brainsters have already started working to make Nokia N900 a beautiful device.

The process goes:

Submit ideas > Win devices and funding > Build your hack > Get your hack in Nokia Flagship stores

So all you hackers out there download the hackers guide(PDF) and start submitting ideas.

Visit the official site

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Apurva Chaudhary

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