Googorla One Step Closer To Reality!

Back in August last year, Google announced that it would be buying Motorola for $12.5 billion in cash. The news surprised nearly everyone in the tech industry, and no one really saw it coming. After all, why would a search, advertising and a mobile OS giant like Google buy a hardware company like Motorola? Is Google going to finally enter the mobile phone hardware business?

Over the next few weeks, Google cleared most of the confusion and stated that it will be running Motorola totally as a separate business entity. The company also clearly stated that it won’t be favoring Motorola or any other company, when it comes to choosing  a company to manufacture its Nexus handset. However, the deal had to clear three major hurdles – approval from the EU, the U.S. and the Chinese anti-trusts – before Google could fully own Motorola.

Yesterday, the deal reached two steps closer to its goal as both the E.U and the U.S anti-trusts gave the deal a green signal. Once, and if the Chinese anti-trusts give the Google-Motorola deal a greens signal, Google will fully own Motorola Mobility.

Hopefully, this deal between the two companies will lead to a betterment of Android as an OS, and Motorola as a handset manufacturer.



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