Google’s Bouncer Service Aims At Reducing Malware In The Android Market

In the last few months, numerous companies, which sell anti-malware and anti-virus apps, have published reports stating that the Malware on Android phones are on the rise. According to them, many apps that are added to the Android Market daily are infected with Malware. These reports made it look like Android is getting less secure with every passing day.

Today, Google has revealed its new service, codenamed Bouncer, which automatically scans the Android Market for apps, which are potentially malware or are, infected, and silently removes them. The service is already active since quite “a while now”, and according to Google this led to a 40% decrease in the number of potentially malicious app in the Android Market. The Bouncer service will perform a set of analysis on new applications, scan them for any potential thread, and if found removes them immediately. The service also analyses the developer accounts for any suspicious activity. Google also highlighted some of the core security features present in Android, which make the OS less prone to malware infection.

Hopefully, this move from Google will lead to a reduction in the number of malicious apps in the Android Market.

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Rajesh Pandey

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