Google’s Andy Rubin Promises Full Flash Support on Android 2.2

Android 2.2 (Froyo) is looking to get not one but many new key features. Few days ago, we reported that automatic updates for application will be possible on Android 2.2. Now, Andy Rubin, vice president for engineering at Google, who also leads the team behind therubin-android development of Android, promised Full Flash support on Android 2.2. This is the first official confirmation for the Full Flash support on Android 2.2.

He also said that, he believes Android phone sales will overtake Apple’s and R.I.M.’s sales.

It’s a numbers game. When you have multiple O.E.M.’s building multiple products in multiple product categories, it’s just a matter of time before sales of Android phones exceed the sales of   proprietary systems like Apple’s and R.I.M.’s, he said.

When he was asked when will Android overtake, he said,

I don’t know when it might be, but I’m confident it will happen. Open usually wins.