Google Voice Search Now Available On Nokia Phones

Do you search on Google using your Nokia phone? Do you hate typing? Do you want to search contacts by just speaking their names? If you answered Yes’ to any of the questions, then you have a cause to rejoice as Google has launched Google Voice search for S60 Phones. o download the Google Voice application to your phone, visit on your cellphone’s browser and download the new voice application

Once downloaded, you can start searching on Google using simple voice commands. The start screen of the application looks something like thisGoogle-Voice-Search

You can change your settings to enable/disable quick key access, Voice search, key reminder, select dialect and also setup Google mail app on your own domain. Along with that, you can also turn on My location and set your location to the nearest location available.


To activate voice search, hold on the Call Button and speak. I tried the word Delhiwhich is capital of India and spoke it twice thinking the application won’t recognize if I spoke just once. But it understood correctly and stored the word twice as Delhi Delhi.

Google-Voice-Search4 Google-Voice-Search7

If you want to search the contacts, just hold down the call button on the home screen.  Doing that will display a screen like the screenshot below. You will need to speak out the contacts you want to search, before the progress bar times out.


I am not sure if we could train this app, but I searched for Pranaliand it gave me results for Vedalion the top. Quite close enough it is, in term of pronunciation.The rest of the results seem irrelevant.  Google-Voice-Search3

Its a fantabulous app for lazy Nokia users like me, who would like to access searches fast. This is a MUST HAVE app for S60v5 devices like Nokia 5800 for which contacts still have not received kinetic scrolling. techie-buzz-recommended-software

Techie-Buzz highly recommends Google Voice Search for Nokia   if you are a Nokia S60 lazy or not so lazy user.

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