Google Sync Beta Now Available For Symbian S60 Devices

In the past we have told you about several free services that you can use to sync the contacts and calendar on your mobile phone. In addition to that we have also reviewed Synble a application that will allow you to sync SMS, contacts and more.

Google on the other hand offers a similar tool that will allow you to synchronize contacts and calendar entries with your Google account.


The Google Sync Beta has now been made available for phones running the Symbian S60 OS.

Google Sync offers two-way, over-the-air contacts and calendar synchronization. This means that you can make changes to your contacts and calendar on your phone or in your desktop Google account. Since Sync uses push technology, the changes should automatically appear within minutes. And your information is constantly syncing, so it’s up-to-date and securely stored within your Google account, even if you lose your phone.

However to use Google Sync on your S60 device, you will have to install a Nokia software on your phone which is related to Mail for Exchange.

2 thoughts on “Google Sync Beta Now Available For Symbian S60 Devices”

  1. Folks,

    I am coming along after the fact interested in S60 Google Apps, and finding that the Google App that was released earlier in May is not for S60 V5 OS or it is just not available any longer. Either way, when I point my N97 at the download page the download for the Google App does not download.

    All I have found so far for the N97 is the Gmail app that is ok when it comes to form and fashion. But lean on fashionable Icon’s for the N97.

    Also the updated Google Maps is good too at 3.2 Release. I love the layers capabilities. It is really nice.

    But back to the original topic. does not cut it when compared to the google app discussed here.

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