Google Releases Official Android Design Stencils; Drang & Drop Your Way To Beautiful Android Apps

With Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich, Google’s main motive was to make the whole OS look beautiful. The company wanted to get rid of the “clunky/ugly UI” tag that is associated with Android. With ICS, the company has been successful in creating an OS that is not only functional, but also looks beautiful.

However, a beautiful OS is only part of the story. Majority of the Android apps still look as ugly as Harvey Dent’s face in The Dark Knight. For the first time in Android’s history, Google released set of guidelines, took some steps to create a unified experience and a website dedicated to creating beautiful apps for Android. From a developer point of view, Android Design was a great place to start and know the required steps to create a beautiful looking Android app. Sadly, Google for some strange reason did not release stencils that would make the job of developers a hell lot easier, and save them quite a few hours of work as well.

With the requests to release stencils bombing Google everyday, the big G today finally updated the Android Design website to add stencils. This will allow developers to simply drag and drop their way to creating beautiful Android apps. At the moment, the stencils are available for popular designing apps like Adobe Fireworks and Omni OmniGraffle. The source files for the icons are also available for download. Interested Android app developers can get more information and download link of the stencils here.

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Rajesh Pandey

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