Google Releases New SDK For Android

Google has now released the latest version of SDK for Android. Android 1.6, better known as donut has many new exciting features.

This release update adds support for CDMA(Code division multiple access) and also supports many screen resolution. Android version 1.6 will support  WVGA or up to about 850 × 480 pixels. Currently it supports 320 x 480 pixels screen resolution. This would benefit many upcoming large screen phones.


It’s good that Google has opened up for several kinds of phones, with different screen sizes and radio access,said Swedish Android developer Staffan Kjellberg. The larger the market gets, the better.

Android 1.6 has better search framework which lets you search keywords accross browser, bookmarks, history, contacts and the Web directly from the home screen.

Apart from that, the android store has been immensely improved too. Now Android store displays reviews with screenshot of the application.

More features

Download Android SDK

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