Google Releases Mobile App For Nokia S60 Devices

Google has released a new application that will work with S60 devices, the new app will allow users to search content on the web with relative ease.

gma-s60-idle-screen gma-s60-google-blank

Google Mobile App adds an option to quickly search content from the home screen with the press of a button, pressing the quick key provides users access to Google search, Gmail, calendar, YouTube quickly and easily.

The Google Mobile App also adds your current location to the bottom of the screen, this in turn helps Google to provide you with local search results that relate to where you are.

gma-s60-throat gma-s60-jg-ballard

Google Mobile App stores a history of searches you have done, making it much more easier to search for something again, in addition to that it also offers suggestions as you type.

To download the Google Mobile Application to your Nokia S60 device, point your mobile browser to, additionally you can also download the application by using the download link below.

Download Google Mobile App for Nokia S60

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