Google Releases Google Catalogs for iPad

Google is continuing to release new projects aimed at the mobile market. They previously released Google Shopper which helps users find local deals and online prices for popular products. Now, they have brought the experience of catalog shopping to the iPad. Their newest product is called Google Catalogs, and it’s exactly what it sounds like it is.

This app brings digital versions of many popular catalogs to tablets. They cover the categories including fashion and apparel, beauty, jewelry, home, kids and gifts. They have hooked up with many top brands including Crate and Barrel, L.L. Bean, Lands’ End, Macy’s, and Sephora.

These digital versions bring a number of unique features to catalog shoppings. You gain the ability to zoom, tap on tags to get more information, or even look at cool pictures or videos. You can then look up products in nearby stores or find it to purchase it online. You can then share your favorite products and catalogs with your friends via email.

Another really cool feature of Google Catalogs is the ability to create your own catalog to share. You can collect your favorite products and pages from various catalogs and compile them into one set. Then, you can send that catalog to family or friends. I see this being a great way to establish a  gift list for loved ones to shop from.

If you want to check out Google Catalogs, it is available for the iPad now. Google promises that an Android version of the application is coming soon. Check it out and let us know what you think. Leave us a comment to have your voice heard.

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Tony Price

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