Google Play Store – 20 Billion App Downloads, 600k Apps and 400 Million Android Devices Out There!

Google just kicked of I/O 2012 with some staggering facts about Android ecosystem. Last year at Google I/O, there were 100 million Android devices out there. This year, there are more than 400 million Android devices out there in people’s hand.

The number of daily activations of Android devices is also up to a whopping 1 million devices a day. The number of apps in the Google Play store has also reached whopping 600,000 apps, with more than 20 billion apps being downloaded by users until now.

Google also announced that it is releasing a new subscription based system for app developers based on the success of the in-app purchasing service. Hopefully, this will allow developers to generate more revenue from their app. Along with this, Android users will also get access to magazines, TV shows and movie purchase from the Google Play store in the United States.

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Rajesh Pandey

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