Google Not Paying Some Android Developers?

iOS and Android are the two most lucrative platforms for mobile application developers to work on. The Apple App Store has made many millionaires, and Android Market has seen its fair share of success too. While most iPhone developers make a majority of their earnings primarily by selling paid apps, most Android developers do so by running ads in their free apps.

Apple recently reported that it had paid out $2.5 billion to its developers. While there has been a lot of criticism about the App Store, regarding curation and its “closed” nature, there has never been any complaint about payments from the iOS developer community.

Apple has been straightforward and transparent with its developers and has also provided them with adequate support regarding payments. This is one reason why developers have been flocking to the iOS platform.

Today, a report by The Register revealed that some Android developers are facing problems with their payments and aren’t getting all the money that they should, because of some error with the way in which web based app sales are logged.

The payout doesn’t match the list of charged orders for many developers, with one claiming that Google is paying him for only half of all orders. This issue had surfaced before, but it doesn’t seem like it was resolved then.

What seems to have aggravated the problem is that the Android Market team refuses to address the developers’ queries. Some developers are also planning to join forces and take legal action against Google.

You can follow the entire thread of discussion here: Android Market Help.

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