Google “Nexus One” Phone: Everything You Want To Know


Google Phone is no longer rumor, it does exist and we covered the Google Phone and more details about it a little while earlier. For all of you wondering, the Google Phone will be called Nexus One according to Wall Street Journal, and will be directly be sold by Google early next year.

The phone will be manufactured by HTC, but is completely designed by Google. It will run Android 2.1 and will not be restricted to carriers. You can pick up the unlocked Nexus One and start using it without any contracts. It is more likely to have the Snapdragon processor it was rumored to have. It will not have any keyboards and users will have to use the onscreen keyboard.

Nexus One will be out in late January 2010. More likely than not, this is the phone that will provide some serious competition to the iPhone.

Further Readings about Nexus One

We will update this post with further details when we come across them.

2 thoughts on “Google “Nexus One” Phone: Everything You Want To Know”

  1. Will the Snapdragon chip being used in the Google Nexus One phone use the Hanto 8190 design for multiple codecs including VP6,H.264,DIVX and many others? If you do not know can you direct me to a source?

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