Google Navigation Offline Mode Might Be Coming Soon

Google has announced the most substantial piece of news related to its mapping service for handheld devices after 3D maps. This is a translated piece of what appears on Allaboutphones and it reads,

According to an informed source from the Dutch telecom industry will soon be a Google offline version of Google Maps Navigation available. This makes it possible to also free to move abroad.


This is simply great and opens doors to a whole new world. This will blow away all concerns for Google Navigation requiring a fast and consistent Internet connection and will also put Google maps on the same chart as other mapping services with pre-loaded faster loading maps. Google Navigation has been available on mobile devices on many countries for over a year now and it is indeed a very competitive mapping and navigation service.

The Caching of Maps is Different This Time

Maps were being cached by devices earlier as well. However, those were strictly local maps of areas you were navigating. This time, Google seems to be talking of making whole city maps available to us for a rich and slick navigation. The map would be stored on your device locally and will be loaded up from there.  GPS navigation devices are in for a bad time, now that every cellphone with this navigation powered by Google Maps is killing their business fast.

When Will You Consider India for These Services?

Seriously Google, why opt India out of everything? India has a considerable number of people who use mobile web-services and would like to have navigation on their devices.

Google has done a great job with Google Maps and it was fun working with the Google Maps API for my final year engineering project. A video demo of the same is available on YouTube.

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