Google Maps v6.5 Goes Live; New Navigation Homescreen, Map Tiles and More!

Google has just released a new update for Google Maps for Android. With this release, the search engine giant is celebrating 50 billion KMs of turn-by-turn navigations (!), which is equivalent to 130,000 trips to the moon, 334 trips to the sun or 10 trips to Neptune.

The new update (v6.5) contains a redesigned Navigation home screen for devices running Android 4.0+, which follows the Holo theme introduced in Ice Cream Sandwich. If you own an Android phones with a very high screen resolution like the Galaxy Nexus, Galaxy S II or the Droid RAZR, you will now get maps tiles with higher resolution for better clarity and sharpness.

The new tiles will automatically start showing up in the next few days. For immediate effect though, users can clear the Map’s cache.┬áThe new update also allows users to set a preferred public transit mode, and/or a route option.┬áThe new update of Google Maps (v6.5) is already live in the Google Play market for Android device owners to enjoy!

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