Google Maps Navigation Available For 11 More Countries

You all know that Google Maps in US and UK has the free voice guiding navigation application. Google promised that the free navigation app will expand and will be made available worldwide. And as promised, 11 more countries in Europe and North America has got the free navigation application. The countries are Austria, Belgium, Canada, Denmark, France, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Portugal, Spain, and Switzerland.

google-maps-navigation-landscape google-maps-navigation-portrait

The latest version of Google Maps is 4.2 and is available on Android devices with minimum requirement of Android 1.6 OS. So if you are living in any of the stated countries, then update the Google Maps on your Android device ASAP. Google also updated the supported languages in voice search. The new languages which has been included are French, German, Italian and Spanish.

Google said, ” Note that our new language models are designed for accents from Spain, France, Italy, and Germany. If you speak one of the new languages with another accent (for example, German in Austria, French in Switzerland, or Spanish in Mexico), Search by voice may not work so well for you.” So speaking in a typical accent is also required.


The voice application can be downloaded by the Android Market in Android devices and from other devices (from phone’s browser).

(Source Google Maps, Voice Search)