Google Improves Gmail For Android, iPhone

If you think Google is doing nothing but just watching the buzz created by IPhone at WWDC and launch of N97, then you are wrong. Google is improving and fine tuning its mobile Gmail. The search giant added few features for IPhone and Android users to get Through their mails quickly.

It has improved quite a lot of features:

  • The first improvement is faster address auto-completion. This means that as you begin typing the first few letters of your friend or colleague’s name or email address, Gmail for mobile will quickly display possible contacts. We sped up this process by reusing previously fetched matches in subsequent searches.autocomplete
  • The second improvement is that we’ve enabled keyboard shortcuts for Android-powered devices with a physical keyboard. Now you can use all those familiar Gmail keyboard shortcuts to quickly move through your inbox. For example, if you’re reading an email you can press ‘u’ to return to the inbox or ‘n’ to move to the next conversation.

The search engine promises to continue improving its products. In their last  update in April, they completely redesigned their app for IPhone and Android. This is the first time Google has released the update for both Iphone and Android, contrary to its strategy to release the app first on IPhones and then Android. This seems that Google is strategizing for Android to compete with IPhone.

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