Google Goggles Updated To v1.3; Gets Faster, Solves Sudoku

google goggles updated

Google recently updated its popular iPhone and Android app, Google Goggles. It is an image recognition based search engine which allows you to capture images and then use those images as queries to obtain search results. The new version of this amazing app is much faster and smarter as compared to its previous versions. The Google Goggles 1.3 client can scan barcodes almost instantly.

The print ad feature in Google Goggles easily recognize the print ads in popular magazines and newspapers. Just click a picture of the ads displayed in newspapers from the Google Goggles app and it will recognize print ad and return web search results about the product and brand. Sadly, this feature is not available for print ads appearing before August 2010 in newspapers and magazines.

The next feature will definitely surprise you. The latest version of the Google Goggles can even solve Sudoku puzzles, much faster than a Sudoku champ. Most of us play Sudoku, but when we make a mistake, we are unable to solve the puzzle for hours. But the latest version of the Google Goggles app for Android and iPhone will help you to solve your Sudoku puzzles quickly. All you have to do is, just take a clear picture of the Sudoku puzzle and the app will solve your puzzle in seconds.

Android users can easily download the latest version of the Google Goggles app from the Android Market. Recognition of print ads and Sudoku solver is now enabled for both Android and iPhone app. Till then, check out the Google Goggles Sudoku demo below. To learn more, head over to this page.

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