Google Goggles Now Available for iPhone

Google Goggles Now Available for iPhone

Google had introduced Google Goggles’ on Android way back in December last year. Today, Google has released the Google Goggles application for the iPhone. The application will be available as a part of the Google Mobile App. To use the Goggles application on the iPhone, users just need to tap the camera button and point the camera towards the desired object.

Here is a short video by Google demonstrating Goggles app on iPhone-:

Users should keep in mind that the Google Goggles feature is still a Labs’ product i.e. it is still in beta. Since the Goggles application requires auto-focus, the application will work only on the iPhone 3GS and the iPhone 4 running iOS4 and above. Here is the official blog post from Google.

Google Mobile App with Goggles is available for download at the Apple AppStore.

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