Google Glass Consumer Version Might Still Be An Year Away

Google Glass was intially supposed to release sometime by the end of this year for less than $1500. However, it looks like Google might just need some more time. In a radio interview with BBC, Eric Schmidt said that the consumer version of the Glass is still “probably a year-ish away”.


Google Glass is probably the hottest thing in the technology world aside from the usual Galaxies and iPhones. With Google sending out Explorer edition of the Glass to developers and popular celebrities out there, the world is waiting patiently to see how developers harness the power of the Glass.While more developers will be able to get their hands on the Glass by the end of this year, the final retail version of the device might just not hit the shelves this year, as expected.

Google will be taking feedback from all the developers that will be using the Glass over the next few months, and incorporate the changes in the final version of the device.

However, since Eric Schmidt is not directly involved with Google Glass, there might be a small possibility of him being wrong here.

Via – The Verge

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