Google Contacts Low Resolution Image Sync Issue Finally Fixed; Android Users Rejoice!

Way back in October last year, when Google introduced Ice Cream Sandwich, it showed off the beautiful new Contacts app which made use of high resolution contact images for one stunning incoming and outgoing call screen.

Sadly, Android users later realized that this new feature was only partially implemented by Google. The problem was that when a user synced his contacts with Google Contacts, the high resolution contact images would be downsized to 96×96 resolution. This was a limitation of Google Contacts, which many people hoped will be solved quickly by Google. Or not.

In Jelly Bean, Google increased the contact photo resolution size, but did not fix the low resolution contact images problem in Google Contacts. The Android community complained to many Google Android engineers numerous time about this issue to no avail.

Now, after truck loads of complaints from Android users, and a year after Ice Cream Sandwich was released, Google hasĀ finally fixed the low resolution contact images in Google Contacts. Yes! Finally!

Now, when you add a beautiful high resolution image to any contact, the image resolution will be kept intact, when they are synced back to Google Contacts.

As an Android user, this issue has been bugging me for the last one year or so. I am happy that Google has finally fixed the issue, and sad that it took Google so much time to fix such a small issue.

Since the change is related to Google Contacts, it might not be available to everyone right now, but will be gradually.

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