Google Buys More Patents from IBM

We recently reported that Google acquired more than 1000 patents from IBM in July. Ever since Google and its partners have been hounded by heavyweights like Apple, Microsoft and Oracle, it has been trying to bulk up its patent portfolio for self-defense. It recently acquired Motorola for $12.5 billion, primarily for its massive patent portfolio. But apparently, that hasn’t been enough.


Today, according to a report by SEO by the Sea, Google bought 1023 patents from IBM, in addition to its earlier purchase. Records from the USPTO indicate that the date of the acquisition was August 17, 2011.

Google recently transferred some patents to HTC, which will help it in its lawsuit against Apple. It is now taking on a more proactive role in defending its partners, which are being wooed by Microsoft to adopt its Windows Phone 7 platform.

This recent purchase includes patents related to Java, wireless patents and web and search related patents. On the surface, it looks like it could help Google against all three – Apple, Microsoft and Oracle.

IBM has traditionally possessed one of the greatest patent portfolios, while Google hardly had any, compared to Microsoft or Apple. In the last couple of months, Google has considerably added to its portfolio and now has a portfolio comparable to Microsoft.

You can check out more details about those patents here: Google and IBM do it again: Google Acquires over 1,000 Patents from IBM in August

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