Google Brings Wishlists To Play Store

Google has been on a roll recently, fixing all the minor annoyances in the Android ecosystem and releasing small but long-lusted features from the community.

After rolling out a new Play Store update that fixes many issues that have been irritating Android users for quite sometime, and bringing gift cards, Google has added another new feature to the Play Store – Wishlist.

Wishlists will allow users to bookmark apps, music, videos, books, games or just about anything available in the Play Store so that they can try it out sometime in the future. As of now, there is now way to share a wishlist with your friends or relatives though.

The feature will be automatically enabled on your phone, if you have the latest version of the Play Store (v3.9.16) installed. If you cannot wait for Wishlists to show up on the Play Store, try restarting your phone. Many people reported that they got the feature instantly after they rebooted their handset.

As of now, the Wishlists feature from Google will only be available to Android users in the United States.

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Rajesh Pandey

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