Google Brings In-App Purchases To Android

Along with providing us an overview of features in Android 3.0 and launching the web store based Android Market, Google also announced support for In-App Purchases in Android apps.

At the recently concluded event, Google announced a new SDK aimed specifically towards in-app purchases. This new feature will allow Android users to directly purchase content right from within an app!


Developers can now offer paid upgrades in their app/game. With in-app purchase support, users also won’t see a Lite’ and a Full version of an app on the Android Market. Instead, users can simply purchase the full version of an app right from within its Lite’ or demo version.

The in-app feature will be available to the users before the end of the current quarter. Google has already released the new SDK to the developers. Disney used the announcement to demonstrate their app Tap Tap Revenge’ for Android which will be making use of the In-App Purchase feature. Google sure is trying its best to attract and retain developers towards the Android platform.

The new Web Store and the In-App purchase feature will help the developers in a big way. This will also help the developers to make more money from their apps.

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Rajesh Pandey

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