Google Airs A New Google Now Ad

Today, Google has aired a new ad that features Google Now. This ad shows a little girl telling her dad to ask his smartphone, which looks to be a Nexus 4, about his flight status. When he checks, he is told that his flight is cancelled and then goes out to play with his daughter in the snow; hence, this ad. You can watch ad in the above video.

The latest ad shows that the Google is still trying to push the family aspect of its products. We’ve seen the company push this aspect before in its Nexus 7 and Nexus 4 commercials earlier. Google’s Nexus 7 ad focuses in on a father and son on a camping trip while the Nexus 4 commercial shows a father and son on a Google Hangout.

Personally, I’m getting a bit tired of these advertisements and think that Google may want to expand its horizons to grab the attention of other markets. However, I do feel that Google’s latest round of commercials does a good job of showing users the features of its products instead of throwing product and software specs into their faces.

Source: TalkAndroid

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