Get A Free iPhone 3GS

Squarespace, the website publishing platform, is giving away 30 IPhone 3Gs for a month starting 8th June. Though the contest has already gone live at the time we report, but there are 26 more to go ;)


Squarespace is using the popular platform twitter to promote their contest. Here’s how to win:

To enter the contest, just send out a tweet with the #squarespace hashtag included. We will randomly choose one (1) winner per day who will get their very own, brand spankin new 3GS iPhone!

We’ll be announcing winners on this page and via our Twitter account, @squarespace, so subscribe there to see if you’ve won!

Official rules and details:

  1. Contest will run from June 8 through July 7.
  2. You may enter contest as many times as you’d like via Twitter, however, if you are chosen as a prize winner, you are not eligible to win another prize during this giveaway.
  3. In order to enter, you must send out a tweet from your Twitter account with the #squarespace hashtag included (the rest of the tweet text is up to you, but feel free to be creative!). Each tweet sent with #squarespace included will be considered an entry into that day’s giveaway.
  4. A winner will be chosen, at random, each day at 5pm EDT and announced via Squarespace’s official Twitter account ( or @Squarespace). All tweets sent after 5pm EST, will be considered an entry in the following day’s giveaway.
  5. Winning prize will include a $199 gift certificate to the Apple store, which may be used toward the purchase of an 8GB iPhone, or toward any other official Apple products or services. This is currently the price listed by Apple of the most expensive new iPhone, and we were advised by Apple that this is the best way to conduct the giveaway.
  6. Should the daily winner choose to purchase an iPhone with their gift certificate, he/she will be responsible for establishing and paying for their own cellular/data network plan through AT&T (or whichever provider supports the iPhone in your country).
    No purchase is necessary to enter (i.e. you do not need to be an existing Squarespace customer in order to be eligible to win the daily prize).
  7. Once contacted, winners will be responsible for providing Squarespace with a mailing address. Gift certificates will be mailed out within 31 days.

If you look at the 5th point, it vaguely gives away the info that Squarespace is not really giving away IPhone 3Gs but just $199 Apple gift coupons, which can be used to buy IPhone 3Gs. So you will have to signup for AT&T service, which in return might cost you the IPhone 3Gs a big fat $699.


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