Game Review: Need For Speed Underground(iPhone)

Games for me has always been limited to racing or something related to cars, yeah I like the Speed. I must tell you this is one game every gaming fan should get. And if you are yet not an iPhone owner, I suggest, grab one.

Electronics Arts for a long period of time has been my favourite. They deliver—what we call: polished game. With NFS undercover there is no disappointment either. It’s a mission based game, where as the title of the game suggests you are an undercover agent and your sole job is to spot the gangs and spot them from from auto-theft. Then you do it by neglecting the police or by smashing your car into them, its your choice. But for me it was fun smashing the car into the police.

The story is continued with live-action instead of incorporating some fictional characters. For some reason best known to EA it has cheesy hot actresses. Maybe they want guys to like it. But I am sure this might be distraction for them in completeing the 8 jobs that need to be done(good for us girls, we can concentrate on getting the job done).


Grafically the game looks beautiful. Developers definitely have grafics a lot of attention. What I most like is, there is no lag in the game. Most of the graficaly heavy games that I have played I encountered this problem and trust me its frustrating. EA has managed to overcome it and I am blessfull towards them. Thank You.

As per EA’s rule, they have integrated some awesome songs into the game. You may play your own playlist. But I noticed EA’s songs were better than my playlist :D

I can’t wait to talk about the car handling. I really like the real-time gaming experience. Tilt the iPhone left or left-turn, right or right-turn, upwards for nitro boost and downwards to slow down your car. Amazing! Oh and yeah tap the screen for brakes. I had fun time getting into full speed and tapping the screen and performaing a 360 degree. The car accelerates automatically and there is no way you could control the acceleration.


What I miss in the game is even after hitting the car I can’t see the damage when its on track. And the drama in the game could’ve been cut short. I mean when I am completeing the job there comes a almost 5-10 minutes of stupid story-telling, I know its important but they could’ve cut it short. Also if you are a gaming guru then you would find the tracks pretty easy. I, myself was able to finsih off the game in plain 2 days, but yeah that meant I was playing 8-9 hours a day. It took me sometime in adjusting with the handling but once it was done the game moves like breeze. The overall experience has been neat.

With NFS undercover, EA have taken themselves and iPhone gaming experience to next level. PSP should feel threatened iPhone is coming baby. NFS undercover ought to be the best game available on Apple App store as of now.

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