G1 to get an Android Update!


Latest scoop for Android-fans is that T1-mobile is going to offer an over-the-air update for G1, the father of Android devices. What, how, when are still not out but the update atleast is confirmed

AndroidSPIN is backing up the credibility of this claim but offer no insight into the version of this update. It might be Android 2.0.1 most probably but can go no less than 2.0. OTA versions for both of these OS have been prepared.

Some people seriously doubt G1’s performance with Android 2.0.1. If it’s really as poor as they say, T1 may stick with 2.0. But anything newer is mostly better, so there’s a high probability to get 2.0.1.

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Arnaw Kumar

Arnaw is an undergraduate who is really into hacking and modding cell phones. For him, nothing gets better than an S60 and a chance to ruin it.

  • any more ideas on when G1 will get an updated version of android? twitter app out is not available for my g1 as it requires 2.0 or higher…….