Fusion Messenger Brings A Unified Inbox For SMS’s And Google Voice; First Public Beta Released

Google Voice, unlike other Google services, is not as tightly integrated with Android devices as people would hope for.  While Google Voice has replaced messaging (SMS) for many, the lack of a unified messaging inbox has been bugging Android users since quite sometime. ShortFuse of the Super One Click fame has released a new app in the Play Store – Fusion Messenger – that brings a single unified inbox for your normal messages and Google Voice, for now.

This is the first public beta of the application and the developer aims to add support for other messaging services such as Facebook messenger, Google Talk and other such services.

The app uses Holo UI but does not look that good. However, the app is blazing fast and nearly every option of the app can be customized to your liking. While the app may not be that great in its present state, it is backed by a talented developer who has been continuously taking public feedback, and it is just a matter of time before the app evolves into a must have app for every Android device.

The first public beta of Fusion Messenger can be downloaded from the Play Store.

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Rajesh Pandey

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