Fring Introduces Group Video Call on iPhone and Android

With most of the new Smartphones (expect Windows Phone 7) coming up with front end camera, Video Chat is something that’s getting common. Fring has gone a step further and has introduced group Video calls.



Users can have a video call simultaneously with four friends. My only grouse with the app is that it allows video calls only with Smartphone users and does not allow desktop users to join the party. Another limitation is that since the app is only available on iPhone and Android only users with those two OS can have group video calls.

Check out the video:

Although the app isn’t that polished yet, it can be excused since it’s just in closed beta. I would expect Skype to follow the suite and launch its own group chat. If Skype could implement group video call it would definitely have an edge over Fring since the former already has a desktop client while the latter doesn’t. You can download the limited beta of the app for Android and iPhone from here.

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