Synble: A Backup, Sync and Free SMS Tool For Nokia Smartphones

If you have ever wanted to or sync your mobile phone contacts, SMS messages, call history this tool we are going to introduce you to is the only one you may ever require.

Synble is a free application for Nokia Symbian/S60 phones that will allow you to sync and backup your contacts, SMS messages and your call history to a online location.

Using Synble is pretty simple, just install the software on your phone, create a user account with Synble and start synching your data online.


Once you have synched the data, you can easily view it online at or download it to another phone using the Synble application. Another interesting feature about Synble is that you can get forward your incoming SMS messages from your phone to your Google Talk account.

This comes in pretty handy, when you do not want to open up the phone and read the message or if the phone is at a location that is not near you. In addition to that you can also send free text messages to your friends using Synble.

If you are a user (follow @keithdsouza) you can setup Synble to receive your replies and direct messages from Twitter to your phone.

Synble Features

  • Access to your text messages, calls and contacts from your PC, Mac, iPod or any other phone.
  • Send free text messages to your friends. And yes, it is free.
  • Your text messages are instantly forwarded to Google Talk.
  • Receive replies and direct messages from Twitter to your phone.
  • RSS feeds as a text messages, text messages as a RSS feed.

However before you can start using this application let us tell you that it does not support using a Wifi connection on your phone and forces you to use the data plan from your phone company, this may be ok with users with unlimited data plans, however could prove a dampener to other users.

We don’t really see any reason why they should be doing that, but hope that the developers allow users to select a Wifi connection instead of using the phone company data plan.

If you use a Nokia Smartphone we highly recommend you to give this useful application a try.

Download Synble

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