Free iOS4 Upgrade for iPhone 3GS, iPhone 3G and iPod Touch On June 21st

If you have been following , you will be aware that OS 4 is no longer called that and has been renamed to iOS4.

iOS Free Update

iOS4 brings a lot of new changes including Multitasking, Folders, Retina display integration, unified inbox and conversation threading, enhanced camera and photos apps and deeper enterprise support.

Now, those features in itself are pretty exciting, however, the good news is that all other than iPhone 4 users, iPhone 3GS, iPhone 3G and iPod touch excluding first generation users will also get a free update to iOS4 on June 21st.

This is definitely good news since iOS4 brings in a host of features which are definitely worth using. So set your calendars then to June 21st and fire up iTunes to get your free update to iOS4.

6 thoughts on “Free iOS4 Upgrade for iPhone 3GS, iPhone 3G and iPod Touch On June 21st”

  1. Great news, but I was mislead and spent more than I should when I bought a new 3GS last year. Was told by the rep at the Apple Store that the 3GS would be the only phone that would be able to be upgraded to the new operating system.

    1. actually that's true. i've heard via apple's website that certain key features (multitasking, etc.) only work on the 3GS. i'm not very happy about that since i have a 3G

  2. Steve, that was the case. Then. But Apple found the time to fit backwards compatibility into the other older models. :violins:

  3. hi anybody can give me advise how to upgrade my iphone to ios4?im using iphone 3gs and i cannot use the videochat features because i need to upgrade first my os to at least 4.0

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