Free Bumper for iPhone 4 Users Till September 30th

If you are a user who has been facing issues with your Antenna, here is some good news which came out of the iPhone 4 press conference being held at California today.

Free iPhone 4 Bumper Cases

Steve Jobs has promised every 4 a free bumper case. Steve Jobs said: "Secondly: a lot of people have told us the bumper solves the signal strength problem. Okay. Great. Let’s give everyone a case. We want to give everyone is going to get a free case."

And with this he announced that every iPhone 4 users will get a free bumper case through September 30th and if you have purchased a bumper case separately, Apple will give you a refund for it.

Apple has also promised to buy cases from 3rd party vendors due to the shortage of bumper cases with them, so you just have to pick a case and Apple will send it to you for free. In addition to that you can also send back your iPhone 4 to Apple if you are not happy with it.

Image Credit: GDGT

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