Foursquare for Windows Phone 7 Gets a Nice Update

Foursquare has had a rough ride on Windows Phone 7 platform. Microsoft developed a Foursquare app at the launch of Windows Phone 7, but Foursquare didn’t show any interest in taking this forward. Meanwhile, Jeff Wilcox, a Microsoft employee, developed another Foursqure app 4th & Mayor which many claim to be superior than the official app. It indeed is faster and has a slew of extra features than the official app.

Earlier this week, Foursquare’s competitor in the location-based social networking space, Gowalla, launched their Windows Phone 7 app. The initial release looks great and provides all of Gowalla’s features in a nice user interface. It also offers an exclusive feature, ¬†browsing nearby photos on a Bing map.

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Just about when Gowalla was stealing the thunder in the space, Foursquare released v2.0 yesterday. The latest refresh is a vibrant looking complete overhaul of their Windows Phone 7 app. It features a nice UI with exhaustive features to explore places and view check-in history and leaderboard. Foursquare for Windows Phone 7 is available for free. Interestingly, since the app is now published by Foursquare, it installs separately, and does not update the previously installed Foursquare app.

I wrote a comprehensive post on Gowalla and Foursquare and the location-based social networking space on Windows Phone 7 including Facebook Places.

Foursquare got the first dibs in location-based social network (for me, and most of my friends), and I’m sticking with it for some more months. If you’ve been a Gowalla user, the app gives you plenty of reasons to stay with the service. Let’s see how the apps are updated for the Mango release later this year, and this competition will be interesting to watch.

I’m a long-time Foursquare user, and the latest update to Foursquare app for Windows Phone 7 keeps me from changing loyalties.

Gowalla vs. Foursquare on Windows Phone 7

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