Flipboard For Android Now Available; Adds Google+ and YouTube Integration

After a leaked APK file, and a pretty short public beta of nearly, Flipboard has now officially landed on the Google Play Store.¬†Along with the first release of the Android version, Flipboard also updated its iOS version to add Google + and YouTube integration. The Android version also features G+ and YouTube integration, along with a slightly updated UI elements for that ‘Holo’-ish feel.

Flipboard for Android was originally going to be exclusively available to Galaxy S III owners. However, the APK of the app was pulled from the handset and uploaded for other Android owners to enjoy even before Galaxy S III hit the retail stores.

According to Flipboard’s CEO, the demand for the Android version of the app has been “astonishing”. Flipboard for Android will work across all Android handsets and tablets with up to 7-inch screen size. The application has not been optimized to work on tablets bigger than that.

The application is already live in the Google Play store

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