Today, Flash Player For Android Dies!

Back in 2010, the Flash Player plugin for Android was released with quite a lot of media publicity and hoopla. The iconic Motorola Droid was among the first Android handsets to fully support the plugin, and offer PC like web browsing experience. While the first generation Android phones struggled to load heavy Flash based websites properly, the problem was fixed to a certain extent with dual-core processors touting Android phones and some enhancements to the plug-in from Adobe.

Fast-forward to today, and Flash for Android is dead. Today, Adobe will un-publish the Flash Player from the Play Store, which means that going forward no one can download and install the plugin from the Play Store. Adobe had also announced earlier that it would not release any more updates for the plug-in, except for security patches.

So why exactly did Flash die? After all, the plugin was, and still is, being used by millions of users and developers to create content on their websites?

Flash is not meant for mobile devices. It is simply a resource hogger and battery drainer. But the biggest reason behind the death of Flash Player is that one of the world’s largest mobile platform — iOS — did not support it. Steve Jobs had openly stated that iOS will never support Flash, and that the plug-in will die sooner than later. At that time, Adobe and others criticised Jobs for his views, but the late legend has proved himself right after all.

So what’s next?

If you are a web developer, make sure you don’t use any Flash based content on your websites. You can use HTML5 to embed videos and other media content on your websites.

What if I still want to install Flash Player plugin on my Android device?

Well, if you still want Flash Player on your Android device, you can manually install the plugin by following these steps. But keep in mind that it is just a matter of time before web developers ditch Flash as well.

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