Fix For Nokia N95 Smartphone Rebooting On Welcome Screen

Ignorance is bliss, however I keep on trying new and beta softwares so that I can review it for my readers, however one such test literally converted my Nokia N95 into a brick. The software installation and went fine and the software even ran to completion, however there is when the problem started.

The software in question just hung at the completion screen, hanging the entire phone in the process, I had to hard reset the phone (by removing the battery) to get it to work again.

However my problems did not end there and the Nokia N95 phone kept on rebooting as soon as it showed me the welcome screen, the only way to shut it down, was to hard reset it again. This reboot however went on continuously even though I hard reset it several times and tried several others ways like taking off the SIM card, adding a new SIM card and so on.

The only way I believed I could get the phone to start working was to do a factory reset, however since I could not login into the phone, I could not use the conventional method to reset the phone.

Luckily for me, I found a way to factory reset the phone while rebooting it and that saved the day for me, just decided to write a post about it so that as finding the information was literally very hard for me itself.

Steps to Factory Reset Nokia N95 or Other Smartphones While Rebooting

Step 1: Before you reboot the phone, press the dial key (green key), the number 3 button and * button all at once. It is important to press all the 3 keys simultaneously before you reboot the phone.

Step 2: Reboot your phone.

Step 3: If you do not see the option to enter your country or other factory reset screens, repeat steps 1 and 2.

Please remember that you will lose the information stored on your phone memory, when you factory reset your phone. If you are not ready to lose this information, please take the phone to a authorized Nokia dealer for rectification, on the hindsight always keep a of your phone, using the Nokia PC suite, you can also backup and sync you mobile contacts, calendar entries, etc to avoid inconvenience, alternatively you can also use Microsoft Phone Data Manager to backup your phone.

6 thoughts on “Fix For Nokia N95 Smartphone Rebooting On Welcome Screen”

  1. Cool. I thought that there must be a way without booting in it but didn’t know about this. Useful for reference! :)

    Btw, removing battery & then putting it back in isn’t hard reset. Hard Reset is what you did – formatting the phone – switching it back to factory settings whereby the OS is reloaded by the device! :)

  2. This didn’t work for my N95. After the Factory reset, now it freezes when in the “home” section of the phone.

  3. hello i have nokia n95 and i was tring to update and then somethings went wrong i can't switch the phone on any more.maybe you know watscan be wrong.thank you

  4. thxx buddy thxx a ton… i spent almost 1000 rupees but could not find the problem even nokia care told me the mother board need to b replaced but this thing worked n my phone is working now.. thx a lot :)

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