First American Samsung Store Opens

First North American Samsung Store Opens

First American Samsung Store Opens

Samsung has just opened its first North American retail store. According to Brief Mobile, the store has the same look and feel of an Apple Store because of its minimalistic style and tons of open space. Apparently the staff also wears blue shirts, just like Apple employees do at retail stores. The store also has a clone of Apple’s “One-to-One” service which helps users get accustomed to their new gadget.

This isn’t the first time a company has made an Apple Store clone either–Microsoft is now running over 20 of their own retail locations. The Microsoft Store also offers similar features to that of the Apple Store including personal training. Microsoft currently sells software and hardware at their stores and is mainly using their retail space to push Windows Phone 7 devices.

Samsung’s North American store has launched in Metro, Vancouver at Burnaby’s Metropolis. One visitor decided to shoot a video of the inside of the store which we have embedded below. After you’ve had a chance to give the video a view, let us know if you think the Samsung store blatantly copies Apple’s retail store by leaving comment below this post.

Source: Brief Mobile
Image Source: Stereopoly Blog


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