First Impressions: LogMeIn Ignition for the iPhone/iPod Touch

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logmein-00 When I heard about the public beta for LogMeIn for the iPhone, I knew that I–a current LogMeIn user–needed to get in on it.

LogMeIn is a remote access client that allows you to connect to your computer from anywhere in the world (with an internet connection.)

Needless to say, the beta didn’t disappoint me and LogMeIn Ignition was released for the iPhone yesterday (December 16.) At a whopping $29.99, this will probably be the most expensive app you’ll have on your phone. In this review, I’ll show you why it’s worth every penny and serves as a priceless replacement for using Safari to access LogMeIn online.

Yes, there are other remote desktop clients like RDP, JaaduVNC, MochaVNC Lite, WinAdmin, and others. Yes, they are cheaper; however, I’ve tried them, but because most of my computers sit behind a residential gateway (without a static IP address)–they just don’t work as well. Plus you get the added security of 256-bit encryption with LogMeIn. We’ll call that feature "Advantage one – Higher security"–more about the advantages later.

Note: In this review, I’ll refer to the iPhone; remember: this program works for the iPod touch too (requires 2.0 firmware update on either device.)

User Interface

Every good program needs a fantastic UI and LogMeIn ignition is no exception to this rule. Using the standard iPhone interface, LogMeIn seamlessly integrates with your phone’s look and feel and looks great. When you first open the app, you are presented with the login screen (Figure 1), which saves your credentials for later use–Advantage two. The program has a consistent look and feel that will make remote access painless.

logmein-01Figure 1 – Save Login Credentials

LogMeIn Ignition Features

I’ve mentioned security, but what else does LogMeIn have? You can manage your entire computer collection (figures 2 & 3), add another computer in minutes, and even help someone with their computer without visiting them or confusing them with difficult set up needs. This all sounds great, but you can do this using Safari and save $30. However, if you use LogMeIn through Safari, you’ll notice next time you use LogMeIn from a computer, the remote desktop is set to HTML mode by default– not so with LogMeIn ignition. Yes, you get full access to your computer without screen refreshes slowing you down–advantage number three.

logmein-02 logmein-03
Figures 2 & 3 – Quick Access to all of Your Computers

Navigation and Controls

The controls for LogMeIn Ignition are fantastic and push the limits of what the iPhone can do. There’s multi-touch, one-tap, two-tap, two-finger-touch, and more. Figure 4 shows the list of quick controls you’ll become familiar with–advantage four.

logmein-04Figures 4 – Intuitive Controls to Navigate Your Computer

Distraction Free Access

One computer is distracting enough: by adding a second computer in with too many controls, you may find you never get any work done. With LogMeIn ignition for the iPhone, you are isolated to one environment and feel like you are working solely with your destination computer. I felt like I got a lot done–while on my phone! Figures 5 & 6 show how clean the interface is. Figure 7 shows how easy it is to start typing and be productive–advantage five.

Logme In Figure 5 (Click to Enlarge) Logme In Figure 6 (Click to Enlarge)

Figures 5 & 6 – Clean UI for effortless access

logmein-07Figure 7 – Seamless keyboard integration

Advantages of LogMeIn Ignition

I really feel LogMeIn Ignition is worth the plunge and you won’t regret buying it. Following is a summary of the advantages I’ve highlighted:

  1. Higher security than most remote desktop clients
  2. Quick authentication to your machines
  3. Uninterrupted access to your computer–no more screen flicker
  4. Intuitive controls
  5. Distraction free access

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What Are Your Thoughts?

Would you be willing to buy LogMeIn ignition for $30? What alternatives do you use? Sick of hearing about things for the iPhone that have been out for Windows Mobile for years? Voice your thoughts in the comments!

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