Firmware Update Available for HTC HD2

Today, Taiwanese mobile phone maker HTC Corporation delivered a new firmware update for its most popular handset, HTC HD2. Firmware update this devices is aimed at enhancing the storage capabilities of the device.

htc hd2

According to HTC Corporation,
This update for HTC HD2 further extends support of the SD Storage Capability. Taking pictures with your 5 Megapixel lens and dual LED flash can only truly be appreciated at the maximum quality, and now with this update, you will be able to appreciate how much more you can store in your 8GB or more SD Card.

This update is applicable only when your Camera’s version is equal or lower to Version 6.26 (Build 1921.1625). You can check the Camera Version under HOME > Start Menu > Camera > Settings > Advanced > Page 5 > About > Version information

Firmware update for HTC HD2 is available for download on HTC’s support website. HTC HD2 users can click here to download the latest firmware update.

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