Can My iPhone Be Jailbroken and Unlocked? F0recast Will Tell You

As a newbie to , many users are excited about going out on an adventure to jailbreak and unlock the device. Why? Well, do I need to answer that? But that aside, can an iPhone be unlocked or jailbroken into?

This question cannot be answered by just looking at the iPhone or knowing the firmware OS version. So what do you do then? Nothing much, use F0recast and it will tell you whether or not your iPhone or iPod Touch can be jailbroken and unlocked or not.

f0recast Finds if iPhone Can be Jailbroken

F0recast is a new application written by the creators of sn0wbreeze, who are one among the many developers who release jailbreaking and unlocking software for the iPhone, so that users can do away with the restrictions that Apple puts in.

To use f0recast, download the app, connect your iPhone or iPod touch to your PC and run the app. It will show you some information about the device and tell you whether or not it is unlockable and tethered.

Download f0recast [via Redmond Pie]

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