Fake Your 5800/N97 as iPhone

If you ever wanted to buy an iPhone, but had to settle down for a Nokia 5800 or Nokia N97 for the heavy features it offers, here is a way to turn your Nokia 5800/N97 to iPhone like UI. MyPhone which basically is a flash responsive document that turns your age old Symbian look into an iPhones UI.

The UI is pretty impressive on first look. It also has its own Slide to unlock feature.


After you unlock, you get a list of applications:

Scr000018 Scr000019 Scr000020 Scr000021

The developer has also managed to build a good looking flash-rss-reader and sketchpad (which is not responsive at all). After the third screen most of the icons are myself1, myself2 etc.. and are linked to settings.

Though the feel of the app is impressive on start but you get bored of it and its unresponsiveness. Moreover, since it’s just a flash file that is being played, it hides once you press the hard buttons. So fuzz, if you want to impress your friend this is not an option.

You can buy MyPhone for USD 12.99. Yes this delirious looking app is priced $12.99. What was the developer thinking?

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Apurva Chaudhary

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