Facebook, Googles Goggles and Google+ Apps For Android Get a Major Update!

Last night, quite a few popular Android apps got a pretty major update. First and foremost, the official Facebook app for Android was updated by the developers hired by Zuckerberg. The new update is a pretty major once, and brings some major UI enhancements along with faster notifications and access to the Games and apps available on Facebook.


This new update finally makes Facebook for Android usable and nearly on par with its iOS counterpart. I would highly recommend all Android users to try out the latest version of Facebook for Android. Here is the download link of the app.

The big G also updated two of its apps, Goggles and Google+ app. The update for the Goggles app adds some new features including a Continuous mode. This mode allows users to use the Goggles app without pressing the shutter button. The app can now also recognize text in a document and provide a link of its online version.

The Google+ app was also updated last night, and its adds some much needed features like the ability to +1 a photo or a comment. Users can now also upload a high resolution photo directly on Google Pllus. Support for videos in Instant Upload was also added back. It was removed in the previous version because of a bug. The latest version of the Google+ app for Android can be downloaded from here.

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