Facebook for Android Gets an Update, Finally Supports Video Uploads

Facebook has released an updated version of its Android client. It’s a fairly minor update, but it’s still something that will please Android owners, who have long complained that Facebook treats them as second class citizens.

Most of the stuff added to Facebook for Android 1.6 are things that have been present in its iOS counterpart for a long time. The biggest improvement is that it is finally possible to upload videos to Facebook using its official Android client. This update also adds support for Facebook Pages in the sense that users can tap the names of Pages present in their news stream to browse all content posted by that Facebook Page. However, search feature for Pages is still missing. The other improvement is in the news feed itself. It now supports a wider range of sources, and more stuff can be opened natively.


Interestingly enough, the new Facebook app demands permission to send SMS. I couldn’t find any option to send an SMS from the app itself, so I have no clue as to why the app insists on this permission. Do let me know if you manage to figure out exactly what is going on.

There are still boatloads of features missing from Facebook’s mobile application. Even popular features such as “Comment Likes” and “Name-Tagging”, which were released months ago, are yet to make their way to the mobile application. Facebook has been spreading itself thin, and it’s well known that it doesn’t spend too much manpower on mobile app development. Heck, the excellent iPhone app was created by a single guy, Joe Hewitt. Project Spartan might be more important to Facebook, but it wouldn’t really hurt to add a couple of extra guys to the mobile app development team.

You can download Facebook for Android 1.6 from the Market.

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