Facebook for Android Gets Improved Pages Support

Facebook for Android has been updated for a second time in less than a month. Once again, it’s a fairly minor update. However, it does feature a few welcome changes.

The previous update saw rudimentary support for Pages being added. However, as I mentioned, it was pretty rudimentary. With the latest update, it is finally possible to view the full list of Pages that you Like, as well the ones that you administer. Now, you can tag Pages in your updates, and even posting as a Page, if you are the admin. Search for Pages is also included. However, surprisingly enough, Pages hasn’t received its own tab. Instead, it has been tucked onto the Friends section. Additionally, there are several bug fixes and optimizations. However, as far as noticeable new features are concerned, there isn’t anything else.


As we mentioned earlier, Facebook for Android is a pretty decent application, but it still lags behind its iPhone counterpart. Facebook for Android currently has a rating of 3.7/5, with a significant number of 1-star ratings. Even the latest version seems to be causing “Force Close” and battery drain issues for many users. For a long time, Facebook has been giving Android the step-motherly treatment. However, with the initial success of Google+, Facebook might have to work harder. Once Google+ is ready for the general public, Google will surely begin to leverage Android’s 550,000+ activations per day to increase Plus’ market penetration.

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