Ex-Nokia Employees To Make MeeGo Phones

Ex-Nokia Employees To Make MeeGo Phones

If you’re in love with your Nokia N9 but want an upgrade in the MeeGo world, you’re going to love this news. Jolla, a new smartphone startup founded by a few ex-Nokia employees, have announced that they will be producing and selling phones which run on the MeeGo operating system. As of now, there are only two phones which run MeeGo: the Nokia N9 and N950 development device.

Jolla is currently being run by Marc Dillion, Jolla’s Cheif Operating Officer. Dillion was with Nokia from January 2006 to May 2012 as their Principle Engineer for MeeGo, so he knows the operating system inside-out.

Jolla has announced that they will be building these devices on both their LinkedIn and Twitter profiles. On Twitter Jolla released the following statement:

New #MeeGo smartphones will be created together with our industrial and investor partners and with support of the MeeGo community.

Just for clarification, Jolla isn’t at all affiliated with Nokia or the Nokia n9 line of smartphones. According to The Verge, Jolla will not be providing updates to either the Nokia N9 or N950 development device.

If you’re a current Nokia N9 user, will you be upgrading to one of these new MeeGo devices? Let us know by leaving a comment.

Source: Jolla Ltd (LinkedIn) via The Verge
Image Source: WhatleyDude

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